Scarborough Hill, A Sound Investment

Scarborough Hill property prices have been consistently at the top end of the real estate market and will continue to offer an outstanding investment. All buildings are founded on very stable under-lying geological forms including substantial areas of near surface rock. They represent a unique lifestyle investment as well as an opportunity for experiencing long term capital gain. Due to the limited availability of property of this type, in this comparatively unique location, future generations will find it very challenging if not impossible to replicate these exclusive features, or find anything comparable in terms of this location with its intrinsic values. View Sections for Sale.


Special Way of Life

Like so many parts of New Zealand Scarborough Hill has a special way of life close to hand – the beauty of its natural landscape, and the vibrant Sumner Village with its distinctive restaurants, cafes, super market and shops. Many recreational options include walking / jogging, mountain and road biking and tennis, as well as water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding, sailing and fishing, the area is also well known for hang gliding and parapenting.  A boat ramp is located at the bottom of Scarborough Hill where you can launch and take advantage of the numerous Banks Peninsula play grounds.

With Scarborough Hill as home base your family and friends can take advantage of vast variety of entertainment and recreational opportunities within the City of Christchurch and further afield. The heartland of Canterbury rises to the mountains that contain some of the best skiing and hiking opportunities in New Zealand which as a country is widely acknowledged as possessing some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

You are only an hour from the ski fields or mountain hiking trails or if jet boating or kayaking are your pursuits of choice the spectacular braided rivers that dissect the Canterbury Plains are within easy reach.